Background of development

MiLLiSECOND metal tape measure is the first released products from MiLLiSECOND brand. We have interested that it was the specificity of the measure market.


The tape measure is just the tool but it has been using since ancient times and it is still familiar to many people. Also even if you just bought the tape measure, immediately it would not become out of date so that it can be said that it is a so-called mature product.


On the other hand, the tape measure that it is selling in the market currently is just providing at the “lowest price” which is the top priority with overwhelming percentage. So it is the prejudice market exceedingly.

As a result, it is causing the situation that there is no choice to the user with passion for a long time as a tool.


Against this situation, we development team determined that according to the designer’s knowledge collaborating with Takeda Inc’s metal processing power, if we put the valuable item into the market, it would be recognized by the user as an attractive choice never before.

“Millisecond” brand:










“Millisecond” brand:

Millisecond is 1 second block of the 1000 minutes, that means "a moment”.


Sometimes “in a moment” we meet on the value that is appealing.

For example, the sculptures that are appealing to the moment we just saw, the music that you will love the moment we just heard, the tool that you can experience the superior functionality at the moment you just touched.

The something that the brand “MiLLiSECOND” aim is to provide such a “Valuable moment” in people’s lives.


The brand logotype is also the notation of “minus 3 power of 10” representing 1/1000, it has used as it is.


MiLLiSECOND is making up by the collaboration with Hidebumi Yamaguchi who is the product designer that activity base in Tokyo together with Takeda Inc. who is producing the metal processing business located in Tsubame, Niigata, Japan.


Tsubame is not only one of the high degree of Japanese metal processing of integrated area in worldwide attention but also Takeda Inc. is the existence to take over the knowledge and technology of metal processing that have been accumulated over a long period of history.





-Sophisticated milling technology:

The MiLLiSECOND metal tape measure’s body is being produced and milled an aluminum ingot with a high precision.

The milling quality is directly connected with appearance of the quality and attractive of quality. This manufacturing method is being used by sophisticated milling technology of Takeda Inc.


The surface of the aluminum after milling is treating an anodizing on aluminum so that it will be improved the corrosion resistance or abrasion resistance and also at the same time, the user will be able to have something wonderful smooth feeling by fingers.


-The form that is appealing to the tactile sensation:

On both of the sides body are providing the bowl shape depression so that the user should have the comfortable feeling on the depression that it will be just fit in the fingers.

In spite of the form that does not have complex curved, the user will feel a “silky feeling” about it.


-The design that is appealing various using suggestion:

The frame of the body is provided 2 oblong holes and 1 round hole.

The user will be able to select these holes according to own preference, use & wearing method.

For example, in case of a round hole, if the user can be put a neck strap into a round hole, it can be put on the neck or if the user put the O-ring into oblong hole, it will be a key chain.


The designer's aim was simply not only to consider the form of measure as an object but also it was to be suggested to the style that the user wears a tape measure or how to use.


-The high precise measurement module:

This tape measure is the 1st grade JIS(Japanese Industrial Standards) 6.0mm width by Japanese made and also is adopting the zero point correction by the hook.

The zero point correction: It means that the hook will move to the outside or the inside too. If you use the outside of hook, you can measure to push the hook to the end of point but if you use the inside of hook, you can measure to pull the hook to the end of point.



-Material: Aluminum body/tempered steel tape measure/coiled stainless steel spring

-Size & thickness of body: 48.0mm diameter except hook & 13.0mm.

-Tape measure length & width: 2.0m & 6.0mm.

-Gross weight: Approximately 40 grams.

-Anodizing on aluminum body.


• A' design award 2017 platinum (Highest)  / Italy
• German Design AWARD WINNER 2017 / Germany
• IF DESIGN AWARD 2016 / Germany
• The JIDA Museum selection Award 2016 Prize / Japan
• JAPAN STATIONERY GRAND PRIZE 2015 Design section Grand prize (Highest) / Japan
• JAPAN TSUBAME INDUSTRIAL DESIGN CONTEST 2015 / Minister of Economy Award (Highest) / Japan


MiLLiSECOND metal measureのボディは、アルミニウムのingotを、高精度に切削することで造られています。



切削後のアルミニウムの表面には、アルマイト処理(anodic oxidation treatment)が施され、耐蝕性や耐摩耗性が向上すると同時に、ユーザーは滑らかな指ざわりを感じることが出来ます。















テープ幅6mmのJIS規格品、日本製で 0補正移動爪を採用。




・材質: 本体(アルミ)/テープ(スチール)/バネ(ステンレス)

・製品サイズ:Φ48.0mm(突起部除く) 厚み 13.0mm

・テープ長さ:2.0m (テープ幅 6mm)




German Design Award 「Winner」 2017  (ドイツ)

German Design Awardは、The German Design Council(1953 年 ドイツ連邦議会後援によりに設立) が主催する国際的デザイン賞です。iF賞、red dot賞など国際的なデザイン賞を受賞した製品の中から、The German Design Council の推薦を受けた商品のみが「Nominee」となります。その後「Nominee」の中から更なる審査を経て「Gold」「Winner」「Special Mention」の受賞製品が選出されます。ノミネートされたこと自体が栄誉となるアワードでもあり、その審査の厳しさから「賞の中の賞」とも呼ばれています。ミリセカンド・アルミメタルメジャーは、下記部門で「Winner」を受賞しました。

Excellent Product Design
category ; stationery


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